Yes, I just said that. I said it outright. I said it purposely. I said it knowingly. I said it in spite of “women’s rights”, “political correctness” and any and all other left leaning ideologies and dogmas.

If you did not read my post of October 19, 2016, you should do so. It is in the archives. I have held the idea of abortion being killing, even premeditated murder, ever since Roe vs Wade became the “law” of the land. I have held that idea as a Christian and the teaching against abortion that is in the Bible. Now, science is catching up with Biblical teaching once again.

I say once again because the Bible taught the earth was round a long time before science finally caught up with the idea. There are many other “scientific facts” that were God’s facts long before science “discovered” them. I don’t say that to belittle scientists or try to negate what they have learned. I do say it to show that true science is only going to prove the Bible is true.

Archaeology has uncovered many evidences of facts long mentioned and talked about in the Bible, but it has never found any evidence that controverts the Bible. The idea that life sprang suddenly from some primordial soup and has evolved into ever higher forms of life has never been and cannot be scientifically proven because like only begets like.

That all said brings me back to my premise. When a man and a woman copulate and fertilization takes place, a new life begins. It is not identical to either parent, but is a new life with some of each of the parents evident in it. This is called an embryo until around the eighth week when there is more and more differentiation in the development of what is then termed a fetus which means “little one.”

If you read my October post you realize that these two early stages of development are human and that the product(s) of conception are only human. Because the new life is not outside the mother’s body and can be seen, held and handled does not negate the facts of nature. It is a new human being. Therefore, to purposefully decide to take that life and rip it from the womb denying it any further development just because it was unintended, inconvenient or any other of a plethora of psychological excuses for doing so, is killing or taking another person’s life.

Oh, I know that there is an argument about person-hood or just when does one become a distinct person. Science today and God’s word from the past both agree that there is a new life, a new being, a new person at the moment of conception. But we have become so depraved and so self centered and self absorbed that we now try to excuse and cover up our heartless turpitude and hardness by euphemistically calling killing an unborn baby “woman’s choice”, woman’s right over her body”, “the fetus is not life”, “my job or lifestyle don’t allow it”, “I’m so ashamed and embarrassed”, “it is unfair;” I don’t want this baby” etc.

Because we can conjure some euphemism to cover up our self indulgent, irresponsible behavior that resulted in conception and a new individual should not give us a right to kill that person any more than we should be allowed to kill someone else who may be inconvenient or otherwise deemed unnecessary to us. The baby has no voice or choice in abortion. The poor old man or woman who has Alzheimer’s, has had a stroke and cannot control their bodily functions is inconvenient. Are we allowed to kill them? Is that not considered murder or at least manslaughter? Yet the smallest, weakest ones of us, who have no voice to say yes or no, but are an unknown potential for the future are slaughtered by the millions and we excuse it with an euphemism.

I have said it before and am saying it again. If a woman wants control over her body, control it before conception occurs. To abort a baby is exercising control over someone else’s body.

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