At last I am getting time to sit down at the computer and write more of my thoughts on the current political scene.  I will again digress from my past focus.  As  I stated in my post last month, whenever a new administration comes into power, there are a lot of naysayers and demonstrators.  However, there is a third element that has cropped up since the November election and the January inauguration of President Trump.  This third element is an underhanded, shadow government bent on destroying Donald Trump as president and destroying our Constitutional Republic.

So many in the media, the pundits and other talking heads, keep referring to our “democracy”.  Barack Obama did and the Democrat Party did as well as the left leaning, so-called Progressives.  It was and is political propaganda.  Our founding fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic not a democracy or a democratic-republic.

There is a huge difference between a democracy and a republic.  For the benefit of the brain washed left and any other ignorant people who may read these lines I will briefly describe that difference.  A democracy is characterized by majority rule and largely a lack of governing law that limits the government’s power.  A republic is a government established by law with the law protecting the interests of the populace from the power of the elected government.  That is to say that a democracy is run by the will of the mass or mob whereas a republic is run by the elected representatives who are limited in their power over the individual.  Ancient Rome was a pure democracy and, as such, wielded control by the whim of the most popular leader over the citizens.  In other words the majority can impose its will on the minority with impunity.  On the other hand a Constitutional Republic is run by “rule of law” which is the Constitution that guarantees rights and freedoms of all the citizens against being overrun by the majority.  Another way to portray the two is to say that a democracy is, in its purist form, mob rule.  We have a good example of that in the French Revolution when the masses decided to rise against constituted authority and establish their will over everybody, from the aristocracy to the peon.  A republic is a government formed by law and run by elected officials in Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches with recognized and guaranteed inherent individual rights that the government cannot take away or abridge.

If you would like a broader treatment of these two forms of government you may check or

Benjamin Franklin, coming out of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 answered Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia when she asked him, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?” His response was, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  We do not have a democracy or even a democratic republic.  We have a Constitutional Republic with all of its rule of law and protections against tyranny and despotism.

Unfortunately, there are many in  our country who think differently and would like to see the United States changed into a democratic republic.  They have been hard at work whittling away at our form of government and our rule of law for around 100 years.  The result is that we have a large group of professional politicians, many or even most of whom have never really done a lick of honest work in their lives.  They have simply moved about in one or another political office sucking at the public teat.  They have infiltrated our government, our educational system and have been espousing such false and prevaricated ideas as:  we are a democracy, our democracy, the Constitution is antiquated and does not fit our current situation.  They espouse doing away with Constitutionally established electoral processes so as to produce the democracy that they so blatantly state is our fact when they know that they are bald faced liars.

I have said before and will say it again;  I have no use for politicians, especially professional career politicians.  I don’t care which side of the aisle they sit on, they are the biggest problem and threat to our government, country and society.  Consider well the changes that have come into our government under the guise of one or another progressive ideologies promoting one thing or another as a problem that only government can solve.  And now, the demagogues of the left have been booted out, for the most part, and are working diligently and as hard as they can to overthrow the new, duly elected and largely Constitutionally committed government.

Conservatives have just begun on the massive effort of cleaning up decades of political rot and decadence.  There has been a huge shift in personal morals and collective mores as the “Progressives” have taken over more and more in education, government and other centers of power and influence.  They have torn down the strong ideologies that made the United States the greatest nation on earth.  They have rewritten or history and slanted it to fit their ideas of what this country should have been from its inception.  Because of this there are three or four generations who have been essentially brainwashed with the far left’s ideology and accept it as true, factual and the norm.

All truly patriotic citizens need to educate themselves on the history of the United States, not as it is presented in the current public school system, but as it has been written and taught from our founding until about 1837.  Read the Federalist Papers and the entirety of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.  Over 100,000 books, pamphlets, and periodicals were published during the period, 1776-1825.  I got that bit of trivia from this website and would encourage anyone who cares to learn the true story of our founding and the surrounding history to visit that site.  We need more educated, thoughtful, patriots to rise up and stand for the foundations that made us great in the beginning of our country.

I am not saying that everything that has been done in carving out this country and setting up our Constitutional Republic was done properly or with the best interests of all the people living in this great land.  We are all, as were our founding fathers, weak and mortal men.  I believe that many of the “sins” of our fathers are a bother to us and we have a job to overcome those.  The Civil Rights Movement under Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of those corrective actions.  More certainly need to be undertaken; but not by a massive, bureaucratic, dictatorial central government that, as many would like to see happen, owns and controls all things and metes out to the menial masses what they, the elitist bureaucrats, deem is proper.

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