I know. I am again digressing from my usual blogging. However, I have had some time to consider the election and the inauguration of President Trump. My wife and I had the opportunity to be able to sit down and watch the inauguration ceremony and the surrounding events of January 20, 2017.

We saw and heard how many of the Democrat Party did not even come to the inauguration because they felt like Donald Trump had somehow stolen the election from them and their candidate, Hillary Clinton. I also noticed that Bill and Hillary Clinton did attend the inauguration. They, at least, displayed a certain class that the rest did not. The idea that the inauguration was somehow illegitimate could be nothing less than a mental and psychological aberration that should call for a psychiatric examination. There is no evidence that anybody can put forward that would support such an idea. It is just some kooky people’s feelings about the election.

Then there were street demonstrations and rioting. The demonstrators were mostly well behaved and expressing their ideas and concerns. Whether those ideas or concerns were rational or not is of no consequence. They had the right to demonstrate and they did.

On the other hand there were those who took to the streets with ball bats and rocks, breaking windows, starting fires, attacking the police and generally creating social and civil unrest. The media were reporting them as “demonstrators” but they were not. There was a vast difference in their behavior and that of the true demonstrators along Philadelphia Avenue. Those who were engaged in destruction and attacking the police were, properly, anarchists and in this writer’s humble opinion ought to be so charged. There is plenty of video testimony to support such charges and even convict them.

The Democrat Party has shown its true colors and exposed their true lust for power. The question was posed to Donald Trump during the campaign whether he would accept the outcome of the election without disputation. When he answered that he would wait and see how it came out, Hillary and the media were aghast. They filleted him for days afterward. Yet when the actual outcome of the election was not in their favor, they pouted, spouted, cried and groaned. They put the blame on anyone and everyone except their chosen champion and candidate who just happened to not resonate with the majority of the nation. They made up news, required recounts (which showed they had no grounds for complaint), claimed Trump was illegitimate, boycotted the inauguration and generally showed a less than adult behavior that was juvenile, despicable, despiteful, sullen, sore-loser and clearly evidential of their egocentric political sophistry. In short they became what they tried to make Trump out to be.

Always, whenever there is a new direction taken in government, there will be naysayers and demonstrators who will find fault with the new direction and leadership. For that matter, I was one of them in 2007 when Barack Obama started running for President. However, I did not go out into the street and create mayhem and riot. I did nothing more than voice my disagreement with his running for the office of President. That is dissent. What we have seen from the Democrat Party and their hangers on is such atrocious behavior as never should be seen from intelligent adults.

Finally the main stream media comes to mind. I do not like to listen to very much news as it is mostly all so negative and depressing. The main stream media have become the voice and the left arm of the Democrat Party to such an extent it is nauseating. I do not listen to them in a focused manner. I get snippets here and there, largely online from Yahoo and a few other sites. That suffices to make me sick enough to my stomach so I don’t need the massive make believe that they tend to portray as news. I have come to the conclusion that, if there was an actual news worthy story to tell, they would either disregard it altogether or try to spin it into some distasteful representation that did not bear any relationship to the actual facts. (Ugh. Makes me sick to talk about it.)

I certainly did not start off supporting Donald Trump and I can only say, I hope he brings the great new era that he is promising because our country is in dire need of more jobs, better economy and way many tons less debt. I am willing to let him work at the job he has taken on and see how he does. I would much rather be pleasantly surprised than to be sadly disappointed that my negativity was so sorely proven wrong.

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